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The analysis of my situation to achieve a professional goal.

SWOT is widely used in marketing and strategy to conduct internal and external analysis in a competitive environment. What if the product to analyse was my professional orientation or career? This tool applies as well as for professional projects and privates.

List My strengths

Skills and experiences are values to consider in this analysis. Elements that mark a real difference compared to others. Real competitive advantage as marketers would describe it. These strengths represent a substantial added value of my profile. These are the limits and brakes that can weigh in my professional orientation.

My questions:
What are my limits?
What are the tasks that I avoid, or even fear?
In what areas could I improve?

Reveal Opportunities
Within the scope of this analysis, these are opportunities that I inevitably found according to my profile. It is essential to keep my mind wide open and identify the opportunities to seize, a position that seems accessible to me. However, there are questions I need to ask myself:
Can I benefit from a significant change/trend in the profession or a related field?
What opportunities allow me to use my strengths?
Which ones come to mind spontaneously?
In which activities do I feel more confident?

Highlight Threats:
List of actual or potential threats to my current or future situation.

My questions:
What are the elements that I do not master for professional success?
What threats have I already identified? Which ones do I fear?
What are the warnings that my relatives or friends are giving me?

My premise is to build on my strengths rather than trying to fill my weaknesses. The effects are then faster and more impactful. When opportunities correspond to one or more strenghts, Iwould have a field of action to consider as a priority.

Concerning the weaknesses, my goal is to reduce or avoid those so that the way for professional success becomes more evident. The weight of the threats would force me to search other opportunities by being proactive, primarily if I associate the risks to specific weaknesses. With this reflection, I will examine the opportunities to be seized while being vigilant on the threats.

My SWOT Analysis


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