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About Endene David Man

My name is Endene David Man and I am a Digital Design Student at LSBU

I am into Web Design & Development, WordPress Custom Theme Development, Motion Graphics, Videos contents creation and Graphic Design. I have started my journey in this demanding industry in 2009, as a simple admirer of Web Technology; especially for the script language and design.

The main book available to me was Adobe Dreamweaver 8. After a few weeks of reading and practise, I was able to create my first static web page as other languages were unknown to me. Despite the fact, I was a PC maintenance technician, my curiosity for the web brought me to the Haringey Adult Learning Centre where a course was taking place. That was an excellent opportunity to learn and understand the structure, the communication between languages that generate a web page.

Once the course completed, I continued my part-time education at CONEL College, then at the Birbeck University of London to push further my skills and knowledge. In September 2017, I freed myself from any full-time employment to join the London South Bank University in the Digital Design’s Industry, as a student to pursue my dream.

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