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Hey and welcome to my website. I am a London-based freelance Digital Designer providing high-quality and winning sites for all types of activities. I combine a friendly search engine optimisation (SEO) for products, pages and services in my workflow, as well as bespoke and custom design for each client in order to create a certain level of differentiation. I am deeply committed to the User Experience (UX) design concept as all aspects of accessibility, and cross-browser compatibility are respected for better performance. [ + ]

I am also a talented WordPress user and a WP custom theme Developer for regularly updated dynamic contents such as online stores sites. I aim to satisfy the goal of each client by meeting the public and professional expectations, by writing easy to read codes as well as optimising images for fast loading pages. I provide other types of Digital Design Services such as motion graphics or animation for web and social network channels; video creation, photography and image manipulation using Adobe Creative Cloud as the primary tool. [ − ]


What is WordPress and Why use it?

WordPress is free open-source software, one of the most popular Contents Management System (CMS), used by approximately 75 million websites. WordPress is a platform for creating and building robust, fully functional websites that can reach a great level of complexity. [ + ]

WordPress is not just the most popular content publishing option on the web, but it is also the fastest growing Content Management System so far, and well supported by a large community of users and developers around the world. The application is equipped with a bunch of useful features, functionalities, customisation options, compatible with an endless number of plugins suitable for any websites, e-business and security enhancements. A quick look at the WordPress Showcase [ − ]

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The benefit of Abode Portfolio

This blog explains how to create an online portfolio to present any work in progress or completed using Abobe Creative Cloud. The software to use is called Abode Portfolio, and it may be the easiest way to create an online portfolio. Adobe Portfolio is included in the subscription package, and it is entirely free for those who have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. The software may be composed of single and multiple applications. By connecting to Abode CC with your identity information, username and password, the software will be available [  read more  ]

Reflection on SWOT analysis

Which section was the hardest / easiest to do, and why?
The Threat section was the most difficult to answer because they are external, can be influenced by all sort of factors and obviously can weigh on the growth or the integrity of your current business. For example, for example, when new regulations are implemented, technological developments or youngers competitors. [  read more  ]

I also enjoy freelance events and urban photography

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Skills set to be used on your Projects

#Creative_DavidM Web & Graphic Design

WordPress - Web & Graphic Design

Web Design & Development

WP Themes Development

JavaScript & JQuery

Jquery UI & Plugin

Leaflets, Banners Logo Design

Adobe Illustrator & PhotoShop

Book Cover Design

#Creative_DavidM Motion Graphics & Animation for web

Motion Graphics & Animation for Web

Video Presentations

Product & Video Service

2D/ SVG / Vector / 3D Animation

Background & Lower Third

CSS Animation

JavaScript Animation

#Creative_DavidM Photography & Videography

Photography & Videography

Urban & Events Photography

Photo editing & Retouching

Lightroom & PhotoShop

Video Content Creation

Short Documentation

Video editing & retouching

PhotoShop & Premiere Pro

#Creative_DavidM SEO & Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing

Friendly SEO for web pages

Friendly SEO for products

Google My Business

Bing Business Place

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

Email Campaign / Marketing